Hello, my name is Julie Mack Boyce.

I am a creative generalist with a focus on branding and identity work. I partner with innovative companies to embolden their brands and clarify their purpose.

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, I know I can help you build your brand and create a more authentic connection with your audience. I love working with others to discover the core of their mission and translating it into a clear and consistent visual language. Let’s amplify your message.

I have worked at publications from glossy magazines (Modern Luxury) to newspapers (The Onion) and thrived in a deadline-driven, production-heavy, collaborative environment. This solid foundation gave me space to work at boutique agencies (Hoodzpah Design Co.) and pursue my own clients to explore a variety of approaches and platforms.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in art + design from DePaul University.

Why are these cupcakes so rotten?

I came up with the name rottencupcakes when the internet was young and I wanted something memorable. I love baking and cute things (that’s the cupcake part) but also skulls and cussing (that’s the rotten part). It’s unique, cheeky, and has stuck for over a decade.

Send me an email: julie[at]rottencupcakes[dot]com


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