Friday5: week 66

Woohoo! It’s Friday! Hooray for Friday! It’s been a long week! How was your week?

Friday5: week 65

Friday5: week 65 I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 65 weeks all together! Crazy. But as always, thank goodness it’s Friday! Happy Friday, y’all! <3

Friday5: week 64

Friday5: week 64 Friday, I salute you! Huzzah for the weekend—my bff is here! I have the day off! Everything is fancy!! We’re doing ridiculously girly things all weekend and TONS of yarn shopping. 😀

Friday5: week 63

Friday5: week 63 Press week madness! Friday, I salute you! Huzzah for the weekend!

Friday5: week 62

Friday5: week 62 WHEW! I am glad the week is almost over—lots of teeth gnashing and whatnot. Let’s hear it for the weekend! Friday, I salute you!

Friday5: week 60

Friday5: week 60 Glorious Monday off. Tuesday called for red lipstick. Wednesday: I am not really feeling whatever emotion it is behind that face, I just enjoy making my face do completely unnatural things. Oh Rubberface. Nothing to say about Thursday. Today: HOORAY it’s Friday! I’m flying to Seattle…

Friday5: week 59

Friday5: week59 Oh Monday: I always look at you with the same thought—”What is this business!?” Tuesday: I think I am talking to my own hand. Wednesday: a tiny top hat made out of hair. Thursday: late night glowing rectangle time. Friday: YAY FRIDAY!

Friday5: week 58

Friday5: week58 Press week! Busy busyness. Getting stuff done. Biting lips. Bunnehing. A dash of panic & practicing my most vapid open-mouth fake smile (I am a horrible fake smiler but crikey I can look stupid & empty with the best of ’em)(and also: what’s up with the open…

Friday5: week 57

Friday5: week57Like whoa! Where did this week get off to? Seriously, has anyone seen it? Monday makes me think my sister snuck to california and took a picture for me.

Friday5: week 56

Friday5: week 56 Technical difficulties kept me from posting this until now. Faces! They are mine! Yargh! Happy Saturday!