Tonal Tuesday: greetings & salutations

Tonal Tuesday: crushed velvet couch of your past

There was this crazy crushed velvet couch from the 70s in my friend’s basement in Junior High. That couch saw some crazy baby teenager makeouts in it’s day. Probably makeouts from multiple generations! Well, that thought killed the mood, huh? The colors are still delightful even if the idea…

Tonal Tuesday: jack horner’s mother

Forever trying to get those plum stains out.

Tonal Tuesday: our cozy home, hearth & heath

Tonal Tuesday: wine & wind

Tonal Tuesday: the trees are flying their colors

Tonal Tuesday: they had plans for the future

They spent the afternoons lounging together, tangled and daydreaming—allowing their future aspirations to tie themselves to one another. They made so many plans in those soft moments, too young to accept the monkey wrench of natural chaos the future would inevitably throw into their picture perfect plans. They had…

Tonal Tuesday: that old rotary dial