Tonal Tuesday: tish bit of this and that

I don’t know why but…

Tonal Tuesday: Combat Inertia

Colors with which to combat inertia. Keep moving. Keep going. Keep doing.

Tonal Tuesday: a moment of change

So many things are changing, it feels as though everything is up in the air. I’m just trying to find my footing.

Tonal Tuesday: sugarhill

Tonal Tuesday: peachy keen tangerine

Lately I’ve been more obsessed than usual with the ultra-warm hue range. Delicious coral & orange. Vibrant but not too harsh. Just peachy.

June 2012 calendar, desktop & iphone wallpaper

From me to you, June 2012 calendar, desktop and iphone wallpapers! I’ve really been enjoying the super geometric styles I’ve been seeing lately and pretty pictures of flowers so I thought I would combine the two ideas. Geopeonies! Printables To get the printable June 2012 calendars, click on the…

Tonal Tuesday: party plum aplomb

Seriously feeling this crazy color scheme: plums, neutrals & a fabulous coral. This feels like a party dress with gold sparkles to me. Maybe add a few dashes of a pale turquoise for an extra zing of color?

Tonal Tuesday: dreamstate

The state in which dreamers reside, half-way floating through consciousness.

Tonal Tuesday: bubblegum circus

Tonal Tuesday: neon-classical