Tonal Tuesday: never gave a damn about a hater

Tonal Tuesday: pleased to meet you

Modern and bright, such a perky set of colors.

Tonal Tuesday: neon prepster

Like a popped-collar polo and an actual mohawk.

December 2012 calendar, desktop & iPhone wallpapers

Happy December! Holiday cookies always feel very festive to me, especially kolaczki. My Polish grandma makes them every year (though my little sister has taken over the construction in more recent years). Sweet dough, wrapped around a dollop of pie filling (raspberry is my favorite but Grandma & Emmie…

Tonal Tuesday: be brave

Noticing a theme in the titles? Yeah. Trying to give myself a kick in the pants. Maybe you need one too?

Tonal Tuesday: tomato patina

Like a zesty italian salad and ancient art.

Tonal Tuesday: Indestructible

I may or may not be on a Robyn kick.

Tonal Tuesday: May’s Dancing Shoes

The last Tuesday in May deserves to be celebratory. Both for the month of May and my dear friend Jenny May, a brilliant photographer, wonderful dancer & endless inspiration. <3

Tonal Tuesday: in the library

Tonal Tuesday: soft as similie.