Tonal Tuesday: pleased to meet you

Modern and bright, such a perky set of colors.

Tonal Tuesday: sweet, sweet music

Tonal Tuesday: terms of endearment

It was endearing, wasn’t it?

Tonal Tuesday: pocket full of sunshine

oh yes…best freeze frame ever!

Visual Adventure: Long Beach Flea Market #1

A random adventure to the Long Beach Flea market. Treasures and visual delights abound. I took a gazillion photos so I’m going to split them up for a couple posts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. This floaty peach dress caught my eye. If you…

Tonal Tuesday: floral cheek

Tonal Tuesday: oh darling, it’s valentimes

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Mostly the best though because chocolate is super cheap on the 15th.

Tonal Tuesday: super neutral

So neutral, it’s naked.

Tonal Tuesday: be brave

Noticing a theme in the titles? Yeah. Trying to give myself a kick in the pants. Maybe you need one too?

Tonal Tuesday: peachy keen tangerine

Lately I’ve been more obsessed than usual with the ultra-warm hue range. Delicious coral & orange. Vibrant but not too harsh. Just peachy.