Tonal Tuesday: pleased to meet you

Modern and bright, such a perky set of colors.

Tonal Tuesday: sweet, sweet music

New cards in the Etsy shop!

Hooray new cards! Just a small run this time. but I’m pretty happy with them. I hope you like them too!

Tonal Tuesday: terms of endearment

It was endearing, wasn’t it?

Tonal Tuesday: triangular exploration

The other shapes were homebodies but that triangle….she had wanderlust in her heart.

Tonal Tuesday: Road to Adventure

It might not be the high road, but it’s certainly going places.

Tonal Tuesday: Sunbleached Tropicana

The sun washed all the bright colors out. Faded into a beautiful soft mess.

Tonal Tuesday: mokey vision

Mokey love.

Tonal Tuesday: aqua tempered

Tonal Tuesday: greetings & salutations