Tonal Tuesday: pleased to meet you

Modern and bright, such a perky set of colors.

Tonal Tuesday: terms of endearment

It was endearing, wasn’t it?

Tonal Tuesday: neon prepster

Like a popped-collar polo and an actual mohawk.

Tonal Tuesday: Combat Inertia

Colors with which to combat inertia. Keep moving. Keep going. Keep doing.

Bitchin’ stitchin’

Hee— this probably looks kind of familiar, huh? I was just playing around with some felt and embroidery— I should probably youtube some tutorials and learn how to do this properly but for now, this was a fun experiment. Doodling with craft supplies? Anyone else been doodling lately?

Tonal Tuesday: bubblegum circus

Tonal Tuesday: blow by blue

February 2012 calendar, desktop & iphone wallpapers!

From me to you, February 2012 calendar, desktop and iphone wallpapers!

December 2011 calendar, desktop & iphone wallpapers!

December December! The lack of inclement weather in California is disconcerting to Midwestern me! This may seem slightly surprising: but I haven’t decorated my home for any holiday in YEARS. But it occurred to me just the other day, hey—I can pretend it’s actually winter and I can help…

Tonal Tuesday: autumn lake

Missing Lake Michigan & the bicycle path along its shore. Afternoon sunlight and a cool breeze.